Family Law and Divorce

As Family Law attorneys, we understand that legal issues affect the entire family. We focus on resolving family law issues efficiently and in a manner that best protects our client’s rights and interests.

Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorces and legal separation often create anxiety and stress. We will work with you to help you resolve the questions that divorce or legal separation often bring, including, child custody and placement, maintenance and alimony, and property division.

Child custody, placement and support

Matters involving child custody, placement, visitation and support can be complicated and frustrating. We can advise you and use our experience and knowledge regarding Wisconsin’s laws to ensure that you reach the best outcome under the facts in your case.

Prenuptial agreements and Marital Agreements

A marital property agreement is an effective tool to protect property in the event of a divorce or death. Marital property agreements may be an important aspect of planning for your pending nuptials if you have significant investments, inheritance or children from prior marriages.


The legal process for determining paternity and the law involved are often confusing. We will work with you to determine paternity and get the best possible outcome for you regarding child custody, placement or visitation and child support.