What is guardianship? Is it right for us?

Many of our clients are unfamiliar with the specifics of guardianship or if it is the right solution for their unique circumstances. Essentially, a guardianship is the relationship established when the court determines that an individual (or ward) is incapable of making decisions regarding their affairs. That decision making power is entrusted, through legal order, to another individual, deemed the “guardian.” The guardian then has the legal authority to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of the ward.

Common Guardianship Scenario

The most common scenario is a child or other relative becoming guardian of an elderly loved one who no longer has the capacity to make rational decisions for themselves.

We understand the sensitive, emotional components that are involved when making decisions of this caliber. Providing for the care and well being of an ailing or disabled love one brings with it a substantial amount of stress and pressure without compounding the challenges by having to manage complicated financial issues as well.

Our Compassionate Touch

As such, the specialists at Haskins Short & Brindley LLC provide strive to create the guardianship provisions that govern the transfer of assets and power of attorney in the most personal, compassionate manner possible. Our extra attention to empathy and simplifying the process for our clients truly takes the sting out of providing for the continued care of loved ones and the equitable distribution of their assets.

Please reach out to us to determine if guardianship is an appropriate course of action. We will be happy to explain the process and work with you every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable and informed.

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