Redefining Elder Law

Professional and compassionate legal services. Guiding you as you navigate all stages of life. 

We are committed to our clients' dignity,
self-determination, and quality of life in the face of competing interests and difficult choices.  

We focus on the needs of older adults, people with disabilities, and their families.

What we do




Our team of experienced female attorneys brings a new perspective to elder law. In addition to being attorneys, we are moms, daughters, spouses, sisters, caregivers, and community volunteers with varying backgrounds. Together, our legal training and lived-experiences better serves you and your family.

With our immense experience in estate planning and elder law, we have assisted thousands of individuals and families in setting up wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. We have also assisted thousands of families in navigating any legal process after someone dies.

We understand long-term care Medicaid and rules necessary to both plan and apply for these public benefits. We have helped thousands of individuals and couples navigate the system, apply for public benefits and also set up thousands of community pooled special needs trusts.

We are a monona - based elder law and estate planning firm

What sets us apart?

Helping you through current complex situations...
 while planning for the future. 

[They] were always quick to respond to questions, were patient, gave sage advice, and were genuinely caring people interested in their clients and charged a very reasonable fee for their services.

"Look no further if in need
of good legal advice!"

 Very experienced, and she gets things done in a timely manner. I highly recommend her for all of your needs guardianship, estate planning, etc.

"Thank you again for all your help!"

When my mother-in-law had an unexpected health issue that landed her in long term care, [they] have always been super responsive and quick with paperwork and advice.

"They helped us immensely."