Frequently Asked Questions

Our first meeting together will be scheduled for up to 90 minutes. This allows us time to assess your circumstances, learn about your objectives, and review any documents that you may have brought with you. This initial meeting is billed at the attorney’s hourly rate of $325-$350. If we determine that we are a good fit for each other and you would like to retain us to help you, your attorney will discuss with you how your matter will be billed (i.e., hourly vs. flat fee) so you know what to expect.

"Will I be charged for an initial consultation?"

No. We do not charge you if you cancel your appointment. We do ask that you kindly provide as much notice as possible so that other clients may book appointments in that time slot. 

"Is there a cancellation policy?"

If we are creating estate planning documents for you, you should attend the appointment if you are able. Someone else may call to schedule the appointment but you should attend the appointment. If it is difficult to travel to our office, we are able to meet with you over the phone or via Zoom.

You may bring other people with you to the initial appointment if you would like. Sometimes that can be helpful. However, as attorneys we represent a client and we do need to know from our clients what their wishes are, so we may ask those other individuals to remain in the waiting room during the consultation.

If you have any questions about who should attend an initial appointment, please call our office.

"Who should attend the initial appointment?" 

Payment timing is discussed during our initial consultations with prospective clients. If you ever have questions regarding your bill, please contact our office or your attorney directly.   

"When is payment due?"

Most of our clients live in Dane County and the counties surrounding Dane. However, we can assist clients throughout the state. Please call our office to see if we can help you or provide a referral for another attorney closer to you. 

"What part of Wisconsin do you serve?"

We draft estate plans that fit your personal needs. In order to create such a plan, we need to understand what kind of assets you have (including real estate here and elsewhere, bank accounts, retirement accounts, businesses, and any other assets). We also need to know who is important to you and who might fill the important roles in your estate plan, such as a Personal Representative or Trustee. We need to know generally how much is in your estate in order to determine whether any estate taxes may be a factor in your plan. 

"Your questionnaire asks detailed questions about my finances and family. Why do you need all of this information?"

working with HSB and preparing for your appointment

You do. We keep paper copies in our office for seven years and a scanned copy in our cloud-based system, but we return all originals to you.   

"Who keeps the original documents?"

If you have a safe deposit box at a bank, you may store them there. Remember to make sure that someone other than yourself has access to the box and that you keep the key in a safe place.

A fireproof lock box or personal safe can work well. Again, make sure someone else knows its location and how to access it.

"Where should I store my original documents?"

Estate Planning post-appointment 

preparing for your appointment

What do I need to bring?

To ensure your time is used efficiently, these forms will help you prepare for your first consultation with us.  

Estate Planning Worksheet
For Couples

Estate Planning Worksheet
For Individuals

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